Have you ever had a spontaneous idea and wanted to try it out immediately? That was me four months ago during Christmas break, and here is me, finally, implementing the idea. My mom told me that I didn’t have time to do the litter box, so I definitely should not make a blog because it would be a waste of my time. But I figured I did the litter box a week ago, so I should have three more days until mother nags on me, so I have enough time to make a blog.

I am in no means a writing guru and the only way I can spell big words right is by using auto correct, or the “speak” option because I butchered the word so bad that even auto correct cannot recognize it. So pardon me for incorrect grammar or incorrect comma placement because when it comes to commas I would rather be safe than sorry. I used to miss points on my papers because I had too many commas, but hey, at least I wasn’t missing as many points as the people that didn’t put enough in.

What’s up with this funky blog name? I struggled coming up with a name for this blog- that I began to hate when it took over five minutes to create. I wanted something that wouldn’t be boring, like my name, or something corny like my fifth grade emails: eeyorentigger1998 or live.laugh.love.1998. You get the point. By the way, I have enough spam in both of those inboxes to make 2000 sandwiches. Kidding. Back on topic Morgan. I wanted a website that would be a great headline for my life. My thought process: my life is pretty comical, I am a perfectionist who obtains a full time job fixing problems. What is something from the comics and old cartoons that caused problems? Banana peels if you haven’t already guessed. My life is full of dodging banana peels and falling flat on my face when I slip on one. Hopefully, I will not have a plethora of terrible banana peel stories on here, for the sake of my sanity, but occasionally I get to travel and do fun things so those exciting stories should pop up every once in a while too.

Let do this.




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