Never Put Your Love Life In The Hands Of Your GoPro

DISCLAIMER: This is a psycho fan girl story. The craziness has been worse, those stories are for another time, but for now, here is a recent Banana Peel of mine.

It was a Wednesday in early January, I had left school early in order to purchase concert tickets to two of the same shows-24 hours apart. It seemed like a good idea at the time, okay?

Flash forward four months later to the end of April. The wait was finally over, but I was REALLY regretting purchasing tickets for two concerts in a row. I was fatigued and packing and preparing for my trip was more stress than it was worth. I was to drive up separately with my friend and meet my mother and sister in Davenport. This was planned so they could go home that night and I could stay in Davenport and drive to Rockford the next morning. I don’t think I was in a logical state of mind when I bought the tickets- because I clearly overestimated my ability to accomplish anything without complications. Looking back, I think everything was worth it, but I still painfully remember returning home from Rockford at 4 a.m.

What’s up with this funky title? So a few months ago I bought a GoPro in an effort to painlessly document my very eventful life. (When I wrote this, I had been living out of my suitcase for four weekends straight if that proves my point.) But I think the GoPro had other ideas in mind. (It sat in my drafts for a few weeks while I contemplated posting such a revealing story.)

Appropriately, as any fan-girl would do, I had my camera (GoPro) in hand, ready to capture all the exciting moments-or at least I thought. It didn’t take long after the first act had started for my friend to point out the very attractive drummer. I agreed. As it turned out, he was actually the drummer for the second act. Ah what talent he had, playing with two different bands. *heart eye emoji* And before I knew it, my heart was beating to the beat of his drum. Just kidding… I continued to film and get cool clips of the crowd and the band performing. The next band played and it was now intermission. I was in the process of trying to figure out who was going to hold up some signs, for the last act, when I was approached by the attractive drummer. I’m telling you, it was as if God had read my mind. It was meant to be. My future husband. Right in front of me. Okay that’s a little exaggerate, but this kind of coincidence?! He actually just wanted to know if I had captured his brother’s fall, during their performance, on my GoPro. I had seen his brother (the guitarist) on the ground, but I had not seen him fall. I was probably staring at the drummer planning our future together when it happened.  Kidding. Kinda. Anyway, I told him I had seen his brother on the ground, but I would have to upload the GoPro footage to my computer to check if I had gotten it. I told him I would send it to him if I had captured the fall. Neither of us had our phones on us, but he conveniently pulled out a drumstick and a sharpie and scribbled out his Instagram username on the side of the stick. For a fan-girl this is big. We are basically talking digits here, people. I was pretty pumped, and I had already begun to pray that I had captured that fall.

After the show, I went to their table to get a selfie. They identified me as the GoPro Girl and I was honored with the tacky nickname. I mentioned that I would (conveniently) be in Rockford for the next show and would get back to them on the video situation. So we took a selfie together and I was satisfied with how fantastic the night had finished. (Selfie is pictured above, Future Husband is to the right) But was still praying that the stinking fall was on my tiny little memory card.

It was during the encore at the end of the last act’s (Newsboys’) performance, I was trying to get someone to video the signs with my GoPro, when I ran into the drummer hunk. He asked me if I had gotten the fall, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to look the night before, because the hard drive on my computer was full!! FAIL.

I finally got around to clearing up my hard drive two days after the concerts. And after going through each video clip at least five times, I had come to the conclusion that I had not captured the fall and to the conclusion that I was never ever going to get to talk to this beautiful human being ever again.

Now this banana peel was very much because of the fact that I’m a psycho fan girl with unrealistic expectations. So I blame myself. For putting my love life in the hands of my GoPro.


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