Team 💩Show

Volleyball (club and high school) has allowed me to meet the most amazing people, travel the mid-west, and form life long friendships. For the past nine months I drove or carpooled up to Iowa City 2 to 3 times a week for practice, went to tournaments and qualifiers every other two weeks, and spent time with friends whom I will never forget. They say good things never last, but good memories last forever.

I spent this past week in Indianapolis with my family, coach, and teammates playing at the USAV GJNCs (USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships). We ended our 9 month season placing 5th in the nation in the 18s American division, and despite our remarkable finish, it is not what I will remember when I look back on our season. I will be reminiscing on the memories and relationships made on and off the court.

A special shout-out to Team 💩Show “Thank You”

It is weird to say goodbye to your teammates and the people you have known/played with for the past 5 years knowing you aren’t going to be seeing them on a regular basis, or going to experience the first year of college at the same time they are. Being the younger person on the team, I always knew I would have to play two years of 18s, but I didn’t expect saying goodbye to be as difficult as it has.

For the memories… I wasn’t able to capture all of them on video, or add them all to my snapchat story (or even remember all of them), but I thank you for the experience. From laughing till I cried at practice, celebrating a point and yelling “I just peed a little,” in the huddle, or almost getting hit in the middle of a busy Chicago street, I thank you guys. (Not for almost getting me killed by following you, but for laughing with me after.) There are so many more I can’t recall at the moment, but you already know my memory sucks so there’s that.

For being the most supportive group of girls I have ever been a part of. We could be losing by 15, trying to understand Chin’s sign language, and all be struggling, but we struggled through the rough times together. We laughed at our mistakes, and celebrated our successes never having a bad attitude or causing drama.

To the seniors. Thank you for giving your last high school volleyball experience your all, for showing up to practice, holding high standards, and leading the team. It is hard to think that y’all are all going your separate ways for college.

For letting me try and record with the GoPro and for always awkwardly waving and smiling into the camera. I’m gonna leave you guys with a quote from Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Love you guys.



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I am bad at putting my feelings into words (which is contradicting because I have a blog based off of my life) but I have made a GoPro collage of sorts to help me show my feelings a little bit better.

Check out the edit I made from Nationals combined with the edits from Chicago and Minneapolis below!