Hello friends, it has been a while. Actually, it has been longer than a while. I haven’t blogged for over a year, and while I would like to cut myself some slack due to a “busy schedule,” it really wasn’t in my priorities to write about my life.

Trust me, I had every intention to write about the significant things happening like high school graduation, starting college, being a collegiate student-athlete, or being in my first relationship, but for some reason it didn’t happen. I would even conjure up a title and catchy statements that I wanted to use in each post, yet I never actually typed it up. Why? Well, who cares anyway? What is a funny story to me that may not be funny to someone else? These dumb blog posts with bad punctuation, crappy grammar, and run-on sentences just highlight how unintelligent I am when it comes to attempting to use my primary English language. These negative thoughts and ticking clocks kept me from writing – all year. I forgot the reason I started my blog, two years ago, in the first place. I didn’t create a digital diary to sugar coat my life or my punctuation errors. In fact, my intent for creating a WordPress was to highlight my mistakes and crazy events that happened in my life; hence the name of the blog, “Slipping on Banana Peels.”

Now that my mindset is back on track, I have a week left of winter break, and I’m sitting on my bed with a blasting space heater six inches away from me, I am ready to finally, write. I mean type. You know what I mean.

Obviously, New Years Eve is tomorrow, or today, depending on when I publish this post. You are probably going to, if you aren’t already, spend the weekend with friends or family, or with your friends family, or with your family’s friend. You pick your poison there, friend. You probably will, if you haven’t already, reflect on the past 365 days and the major events that have taken place throughout this time period – the good and the bad. From your reflections you probably will make, or have already made, goals for the next trip around the sun. These goals, better known as New Year’s Resolutions (NYR), will set the standard and raise the bar for you in order to make the next year-long space trip a little better, a little less miserable and more a little more enjoyable. Whether you have already written out your goals or you’re planning to improve your improv at life (meaning you made no goals), I hope and pray that you will succeed. I pray that your new goals will plant a seed in your life or somebody else’s life. Throughout the year I pray that you will have nurtured your seed, fed, and watered it. And maybe, possibly at the end of next year, I pray that you will have grown something. Whether you grow a better you on the inside or on the outside, I pray that you will come out of next year with the mentality that, despite the hardships, you did it. You fell, but you didn’t fail.

This past year, I fell a lot. To go with the theme of my blog (bear with me) I slipped on a lot of banana peels. There we go, you made it through my cheesy topic sentence. You have endured the worst of it. As I scour my brain for a reasonable frame of time, I believe it only took one to two months for me to already have been done with, absolutely over with 2017. As it probably was for everyone, this past year was the hardest year of my life. The only positive to come out of all of the negative is that I am a better, stronger, and more faithful person because of all “it.” Now, I could go on a rant and list all of the crap that I waded in throughout the year, but we all get it. Life’s hard, challenging, and messy and we all experience it. So if I say I’m glad to leave 2017 or that it has been the worst year of my life, you already know what I’m talking about. No sarcasm intended, year 19 of 19 was a challenge. I know I have so much left in life to experience and that it will get worse and it will get better.

When it comes to you and me and the way we reflect on our life, chances are, we will never be satisfied with our past. BUT before I lose you (c’mon people stay with me here) I want to share something with you that I read today. This jump started my motivation to write this blog post. If you feel like life really kicked you down this past year, I mean it REALLY gotcha bad, I want you to know (bolded, underlined, and italicized for you convenience) that your journey isn’t about where you are at the end, but whom you’ve become along the way.

Your journey isn’t about where you are at the end, but whom you become along the way. Okay, so basically, what you’re saying is those NYR’s they don’t really matter if I don’t reach them, right? If I didn’t exactly achieve those goals, or the past year, “my journey,” didn’t really go my way or fall in my favor… it just doesn’t matter? From my point of view, that is exactly right. It doesn’t matter that my valleys were deeper than my hills were higher this past year. Why? Because I learned from each valley. I was stuck at the bottom for awhile, but I was able to, eventually, climb out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hills, but what I learned most came from the valleys. So… does that mean the worst year of my life is actually the best year of my life because I gained more knowledge, more responsibility, and dug a little deeper to uncover a little bit more of who I was made to be? Yes. The best year of my life was the worst year of my life because I am one “step,” year, trip around the sun, three hundred sixty-five days, 31,536,000 seconds closer to becoming the individual God has made me to be. If that is not the most encouraging, most uplifting thing to come to my realization, I don’t know what is. One year later I am a different person who has endured hard things, but one year later I am the same purpose that He has always intended me to be.

I had the honor of speaking at my high school graduation this year. Needless to say, it had been my goal since freshman year to stand in front of my classmates and give, what most people believe, is the most boring speech of their entire existence. I made it my challenge to change this. Long story short, I called everybody losers including my classmates, teachers, and all of their family sitting in the audience. (I will post a link later to provide further explanation.) At the end of the speech I informed my classmates that I wished them a life full of losses, because I knew that their findings would present opportunities far greater than the ones they left behind. Little did I know that God had a lot of “losing” planned for the rest of my 2017. (He works in funny ways, doesn’t He 😉 )  Through the loss, I found who the best people are that I need to surround myself with, I found areas I need to work in, on the court and in the classroom, and I learned how to be okay with not being okay. As a final reflection of my year, I learned a lot, I lost a lot, I loved a lot, and I grew a lot closer in my faith and relationship with God.

Here’s to another year full of love, loss, lessons, and a whole lot of BLESSIN’S. (If you didn’t read that in a southern accent, please do me a favor and reread that once more.) This next year let’s plant some seeds, grow something, and find joy in the journey!!

To all of y’all who made it through the year with me, thank you, love you, and cya next year 😉






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