Student Senate 2016

For the past three years, I have ran for Vice President in our 2017 student senate election. My first year I had two other competitors, last year I had one, and this year I had none. Despite the fact that I was running unopposed, I had been planning what I wanted to say for my final speech for the past year. Our speeches were due four days before we had to give them, and I had been too busy to even start putting my thoughts on to paper. Typical. I ended up turning in my speech from last year with changed dates,  knowing we were allowed to “edit” our speeches, even after we turned them in. Fast forward 10:30 Thursday night (we were supposed to give our speeches on Friday) I scratched the traditional idea of a “speech”. I wanted to put my ideas from the past year together, but I wanted to make what I put together meaningful.
Some of the most influential things in my life are scripture, lyrics, rhymes, and quotes. I’m not completely sure where the idea came from, but my extremely tired, sensitive self decided to write a poem to read during the election. The next morning I was apprehensive about reading a poem versus the stereotypical “Dear Class of 2017” speech, just because I felt like it was out of place. But hey, it was too late to change anything, and I was determined to get it over with. Due to the fact that my body uncontrollably shakes while in front of a large crowd, I refrained from holding a microphone.
For those of you who have not already seen it, here is a copy of the poem. Like the post if you like or I would love to hear what you think of it! Let me know below in the comments section. 🙂


We’re gathered here
Waiting to hear
about our last year.

Our friends ahead of us are moving on.
Oh How fast these past three years
have come and gone.

It has been 12 years, altogether,
We have known the people sitting around us, for what seems like forever.

For the most part, we have obeyed the rules,
and somehow managed to arrive on time to school.
We have passed our classes
And used the annoying hallway and bathroom passes.
We have found new hobbies
And made new friends
How is there only one year left until
all ends?

They say we’ll get lazy
We won’t beat the bell
And if we take hard classes, senioritis will make our senior year… Not very much fun.

But it’s not just high school
Where the classes seem hard
There is a whole world out there
Where Life deals the cards

It’s not JUST a high school
Looking back…
It will be the place where you found YOUR place
It will be the school colors you will always remember
It will be the basketball student sections
Every December.

High school boils down to three things:
A cap, a gown, a college.
Will we let these be the only representations of our knowledge?

Now I don’t mean to hate, all those things are great, but they are not what high school is REALLY about

It’s about
Falling and getting back up
finding ourselves and Finding our way
So that we can make the difference in our world some day

This is not JUST high school.
We have one year left to make a difference
We decide how to make the best of this experience.



How to Increase Productivity

You might think that the title of this blog is a key into, well, how to increase your productivity. However, that is not the case, I am sorry for misinforming you. The real title should be, “What Can A Person Do To Not Become A Bum For A Living?” This is not a statement this is a real-life, serious, future-threatening question, people.

Third quarter has officially come and gone, and it took the little motivation that I had at the beginning of the quarter, with it. Freshman year I thought losing motivation was for weak and the lazy without any goals, and I swore to myself I would never become that person. I thought it wasn’t possible to get burnt out, but I am slowly figuring out it is very possible. I find myself not wanting to do this or that for no reason at all. I may not be there yet, but I am getting close. It is scaring me. I simply cannot enter fourth quarter with the motivation level that consumed me third quarter but…

Fourth quarter starts tomorrow and my room is not clean, and my binders are not cleaned out for my new classes- for a matter of fact I have avoided even looking at my class schedule-in an attempt to avoid extreme anxiety. I am currently trying to keep myself from hyperventilating and going into panic mode while writing this.

I am in need of more than three days to recover from taking an AP Stats final and a pre-calc final on the same day. Here is the list of recovery days I think should be taken into consideration at the next school board meeting. Day 1 after taking finals is for praying. Day 2 after finals is for hoping that powerschool starts working again so that you can see your final grades. Day 3 after finals is for mentally bracing yourself with a positive outlook that powerschool will display the grades you prayed for on Day 1. Day 4 after finals is for getting everything done that you put off in order to get that late night study sesh in. Don’t tell Mother, but I’m pretty sure I avoided cleaning the bathrooms at least 3 times due to AP stats, but it was for a good cause right? Day 5 after finals is for cleaning out all of your binders and burning all of your AP stats notes. Just kidding I’m not going to do that because I made the delightful decision to take the college board test. (I vowed after freshman year to never take another AP test for credit again, and wow I really should have listened to my intelligent freshman self.) Day 6 after finals is reserved for preparing for your new classes, and Day 7 after finals is for racking up as many hours of sleep as you possibly can, to make up for the many you will soon lose. Basically, we need a whole week to recover. I can’t wait for college to start.

There was a lot of sarcasm to that last paragraph, but there was also a lot of truth to it. I really haven’t cleaned the bathrooms for about three weeks. And with whatever time we get after the quarter ends, it is a good idea to get all that stuff done that you put off because you were too busy, clean out and organize the two trees-worth of worksheets from that God awful class, and make a new set of goals and strategies to help yourself make it through these next two months, because you all know we are gonna need it.

I  will eventually get to these things, don’t call me a hypocrite quite yet. I can’t just whine about everything on here. This is a blog, not facebook.

On a “final” note, my final grades are still not able to be seen because powerschool is still not up and if it can’t work, then why should we? Kidding.

Let’s do this fourth quarter.